Window Decisions To Make When You Add A Dormer

Hiring a local renovation contractor to add a dormer to the roof of your home can not only improve the look of the residence from the outside but also offer some interior benefits. Namely, the dormer can make the attic feel brighter and more spacious, which is ideal whether you use it as a home office, a spare bedroom, or something else. There are lots of things to discuss with your contractor as you plan how the dormer will look, including its size and location. One particular topic of conversation should relate to the dormer's window. Here are three decisions to make.

Number Of Windows

Many dormers have one window, but this isn't the only option that is available. Another idea is to have a smaller window on each side of the dormer. You might like the look of this style, but it's also beneficial because it will allow more light to enter the attic. For example, when the sun is on either side of the dormer in the morning or afternoon, its light will enter through the side window and help to brighten the interior space. If you want a large dormer and feel that the primary window will allow an adequate amount of light to enter the attic, you might decide to omit side windows from the design.

Ability To Open/Close

You'll also need to think about whether you want the window in your dormer to be able to open. Not all dormers have windows that offer this functionality, but it can be a worthwhile feature for a number of reasons. The attic of a home is often hot, which means that it's ideal to have a way to cool it down — especially if you plan to spend a lot of time in this space. The simple ability to open the dormer's window at night and allow fresh air into the attic can be a feature that you appreciate countless times in the years ahead.


It's also important to consider what shape you want the dormer's window to be. You'll need to first consider the overall shape of the dormer itself, as this can influence the shape of the window you want. For example, if you opt for a dormer that has a domed shape, you might find that a window that has a curved top is a good visual fit. To discuss a dormer addition to your roof, contact a local renovation contractor.

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