Why It's Important To Check Out A 3D Rendering Of Your Custom Home

Taking a look at the blueprints of your custom home will give you a sense of how the residence will look after construction, but there's another step that your builder should offer before you sign off on the project. Many custom home builders will use software to allow their clients to check out 3D renderings of their homes late in the design phase. Being able to virtually step into your home will be hugely valuable in terms of evaluating the design of the residence and determining if it's right for you. Ideally, you'll feel as though everything suits you, but there's also a chance that you'll want to adjust something. Here are some reasons that it's important to experience a 3D rendering before the construction of your custom home begins.

Assessing Distances

Looking at a 3D rendering of your custom home can be an effective way to for you to assess the distances in different areas — something that can be difficult to do simply when you're looking at a floor plan. For example, using the 3D rendering will help you to get a feel for the distance between your kitchen and dining room. When you're entertaining, you'll usually walk between these rooms many times, including several trips while carrying food. Your rendering experience may reveal that you'd like the entrances to these rooms to be a little closer together to help you save steps.

Assessing Spaces

If you decide that a room is going to have certain dimensions — 12 feet by 14 feet, for example — these numbers won't really give you a sense of how spacious this room will be. Virtually entering the room by viewing a 3D rendering will immediately give you an impression about how you feel in this space. You don't want a room to feel cramped, nor do you want a room to feel larger than it needs to be. Viewing the rendering is the best way that you can evaluate the size of each room.

Assessing Privacy

Noticing privacy-related details can also be valuable when you experience your custom home through a 3D rendering. Virtually putting yourself in a number of different places throughout the house will give you a sense of how private they feel. For example, are two bedroom doors facing each other directly across the hall? This may lead to a lack of privacy, but it's an issue that is simple to correct by adjusting the position of one of the doors.