Supporting Your Building In Difficult Situations

Traditionally, a pile or pier is used in construction to support a building or reinforce the foundation of an existing building. Piles typically involve digging a hole and placing the plie in it then filling it with cement to create a strong anchor or support. In some areas, the ground is filled with rocks, tree roots, or other obstacles that make it hard to install these piles but there is another option that just might work in your situation.

What Are Screw Piles?

Like traditional piles, a screw pile goes in the ground to support the building and reinforce the building or foundation. The pile is basically a long tube that has a metal auger on the end of it. It can be turned using a machine with the proper head attached and the auger end of the pile pulls the pile down into the ground but does not remove the soil so the pile acts like a large anchor bolt. Screw piles are made in many different sizes and lengths so you will have to get the right one for your project but the manufacturer can help you decide what size is the best option for you.

Installing Screw Piles

Screw piles are not easily inserted into the ground and cannot be inserted by hand. They require special equipment to properly insert them and some knowledge of structural support in buildings to know where they are going to be the most effective. Having these screw piles installed to support the foundation of a building under construction or an existing building that has a cracked or sinking foundation should be done by a contractor with the right tools and the experience in the use of these piles. The piles are inserted into the ground with a loader, skid steer, or even an excavator that has a head attached that will slowly turn the pile and apply pressure to it at the same time. The pile literally screws into the soil like a screw is inserted into a wooden plank. Once the pile is in place, the machine is disconnected and the pile can then be used as a support point.

Is This A Good Solution For My Building?

If you think your building might be a candidate for this support system, talk to a foundation contractor that works with screw piles regularly and get a consultation and estimate for your building. In most cases, these piles are used because the soil is filled with tree roots, is very compact, or other systems are not providing the support needed for the building. It is not a one size fits all solution but in the right situation, the added support can be very beneficial. You will need to have your situation evaluated to know if the installation of screw piles will work to add the support you need.

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