Types Of Wood Deck Waterproofers

Wooden decks are designed to withstand a great deal of wear and tear due to weather exposure, but they are susceptible to rot if they are inadequately protected against water. This makes applying the right type of waterproofer essential for ensuring that your deck has the longest possible lifespan. Waterproofers designed for wooden decks can be broadly categorized as either water or oil based, as well as being either clear or tinted. Each category holds its own distinctive set of advantages and disadvantages. Understanding the differences between each can help you choose the best type of waterproofer for your deck.

Water Based

The main draw of water based waterproofers is that they are thinner and much easier to work with than their oil-based counterparts. Water-based waterproofers can even be applied on wood that is already damp. This makes the application process much less time consuming and frustrating. Additionally, water-based waterproofers do not have the same harmful fumes that oil-based waterproofers have. However, they tend to have a harder time penetrating the wood than oil based waterproofers do, which means that they will wear away faster and have to be reapplied more often.

Oil Based

Oil-based waterproofers tend to be much more durable than water-based waterproofers are, which means that they will need to be reapplied much less. They also penetrate the wood much more than water-based waterproofers do, providing a greater degree of protection. However, they are harder to work with, and require the wood to be completely dry before application, or else they won't adhere properly.


Clear waterproofers enhance the natural color of your wooden deck, providing a natural aesthetic to your yard. Additionally, they will contain chemicals to inhibit the growth of mold and mildew, which can help improve the overall lifespan of your deck. However, they do allow for bleaching due to sunlight exposure to occur, as they will not block UV rays. Clear waterproofers are ideal for decks that do not get a lot of sun or where you want to maintain the shade of your deck.


Tinted waterproofers provide a different shade to your wooden deck while at the same time protecting it from water damage. Tinted waterproofers will protect your wood from UV exposure, as well as mildew growth and water damage. The heavier the tint of the waterproofer, the less UV damage will occur. Tinted waterproofers are ideal for decks that receive a great deal of sunlight, or where you want to enhance the color of the wood.

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