Carving Out An Office Space When Building A Tiny House

Talk with your contractor regarding ways to carve out a dedicated office space when building a tiny house. Tiny living typically relates to living in dwellings that are under or around 500-square feet. In such tight spaces, finding room for an office area may be challenging without the expertise of a professional.

Consider the following ways to create clever offices in tiny homes: 

Pull-out work surfaces and desks.

Instead of wasting space on a conventional desk or laptop stand, have builders create pull-down work surfaces that can be tucked away during non-work hours. These also may serve a dual purpose of being a table for entertaining, sewing, or crafting. These work best for homeowners with laptops or mobile devices, rather than those with PCs that require more permanent, dedicated storage space.

Make use of dead space.

An office may be practically anywhere in the home as long as you have adequate storage for your work materials. In a tiny home, this may require looking at the space under your feet--in cubbies built under the floor. These will be convenient and accessible areas to store work-related materials, office supplies, and electronics that won't clutter your living space.

Get inventive with your books.

Books are bulky and can take up a lot of space; use your books in a creative way around your tiny home. For example, a three-foot-by-three-foot stack of hardbound books that you may infrequently use or read makes an excellent base for a workstation. This also resolves the issue of where to store the books in smaller dwellings.

Customize multifunction furnishings.

Look for items that can serve numerous purposes in your everyday life when looking for pieces to outfit an office or work area. Have contractors build tables with adjustable legs so that it can become a platform for a desk, a bed, or even a sofa. Store your work materials in a storage ottoman that also serves as your chair when working on your computer.

Your building contractor may have a few tricks up his sleeve when it comes to creating clever office spaces in tiny homes. Make a plan so that utility cords and wires can be routed under the walls and out of sight whenever possible. Don't feel that you will have to sacrifice your home office when you move to a tiny house; there are many ways to create the space that you need for both work and play. For further assistance, contact local custom home builders, such as those from Custom Home Builders Montgomery Acres.