3 Tips For Choosing The Right Carpet For Your Rental

As a landlord, you know how important it is to ensure that your rentals are really durable while still being attractive. Therefore, if you are in the market for carpet for your rental, you are probably unsure of the type that you should purchase. Luckily, considering a few things while making your choice can help you purchase carpet that will look great and stand up through the test of time, even with difficult tenants.

1. Pick the Right Pattern

White or light beige carpet might look beautiful, but it often isn't a good idea for any home, particularly one that will be used as a rental. This is because this type of carpet is very unforgiving and can show dirt and stains more than other types. Instead, choose a darker color that complements your home, such as a dark brown or dark blue. An even better option is to choose a carpet that has a little bit of a pattern to it. Patterns can help disguise stains and make them a lot less obvious.

2. Look for a Lower-Pile Carpet

When looking at carpet, make sure to compare low-pile carpet with other options. Lower-pile carpet is often easier to scrub clean without damage, and it's less likely to shed during periods of heavy use. If you are really concerned about durability, you can look for a commercial-grade low-pile carpet. There are also plenty of residential carpeting options that are lower-pile and that are able to withstand heavy traffic and lots of cleaning.

3. Pick a Stain-Resistant Option

Some carpet comes pre-treated with a stain-resistant spray, which helps make it more resistant to spills and other stains. This carpet helps to ensure liquids stand on top of the carpet rather than soaking in, which makes it much easier to clean and can cause a lot less damage. Although this carpet is generally a little more expensive in the beginning, you are sure to find it worthwhile when you see how easy it is to clean and how much longer it might last in your rental home.

Although you probably want your rental to be as durable and tenant-proof as possible, you shouldn't assume that carpet is a no-no. To ensure that you make the best decision for your rental property, however, you should consider these three things when making your purchase. Luckily, a flooring sales professional from a business like McNamara's Flooring Studio can help you make choices that will be right for any home.