How To Keep Your Septic System In Good Working Condition

If the grass is turning greener over one spot in your yard, you may be seeing the results of your septic drain field working. However, when you can smell sewage and there is sludge forming over areas in your drain field, you may have a problem with your drain field system. When thinking about the best maintenance for your septic system, do not forget the impact the tank's contents has on the drain field. Read on to learn how to keep your spetic tank in good working condition.

The Importance Of Microbial Balance

Aerobic and anaerobic bacteria normally reside in the drain field part of your septic system, eating away the organic waste. When these bacteria levels become off balance, you can experience troubles and sewage water standing in your yard. These bacteria are essential for the soil in the drain field to absorb the waste water coming from your septic tank. Without them, septic systems do not work. Microbial products you can pour into your toilet can help to maintain the healthiest bacterial balance in your septic system.

Beware Of The Big Oak Tree

Big, luscious trees are a beautiful addition to your landscape. However, if you have a septic drain field to worry about, allowing trees to grown near it could be bad. The roots from some trees are far reaching, and when they grow into the pipes of a drain field, they cause expensive damage. If you see water standing and sludge backing up in areas of your drain field, you might consider any trees growing nearby.

Keeping The Drain Field Free And Clear

The area over your drain field should always remain free of anything that can cause damage to the pipes. Never build anything type of structure over a drain field to avoid smothering it. The aerobic bacteria living in your drain field requires a steady oxygen supply to live. A structure on the drain field can compromise oxygen levels in the soil. When thinking about protecting the drain field for your septic system, consider these precautions as well:

  • Never drive any vehicles over the drain field to avoid damaging the pipes.
  • Avoid fencing animals over the area of a drain field. The constant footsteps of animals can create soil compaction that could interrupt the smooth flow of waste water.
  • Only shallow rooted plants should be used for landscaping the area of your drain field.

Scheduled Septic Tank Care Helps Maintain A Healthy Drain Field

Having your septic tank pumped at least every three years can help to prevent many of the common problems associated with drain field failure. Being careful about what you flush down the toilets and drains in your home can also help to limit the organic waste taking over and causing clogs. By taking care of your septic system and performing sewer cleaning, you can rest easy without worrying about expensive repairs.