Options For An Uneven Roof

If your home has several different slopes and valleys, finding the right roofing option can be challenging. If you've noticed leaks or buckled shingles throughout areas of your home, it's time to call in a roofing professional. A roofing contractor will be able to measure and evaluate the current condition of your roof and recommend if you need a steep or low-slope roofing replacement or a combination of the two. Here are some options if your roof has several slopes and valleys.


A metal roof can be cut and conformed to match the exact shape of your roof. Metal roofing materials repel rain and other weather elements from the surface of the roof by preventing water seepage and allowing it to flow off properly. Metal roofs don't absorb water like an asphalt roof would. They are often made from recycled material so they are an eco-friendly option for many green-conscious homeowners. A metal roof is a longstanding choice. Resisting rust and corrosion, they can well outlast the life of the home if installed correctly and maintained properly.

Spray Foam

Also referred to as SPF, a spray polyurethane foam roof offers optimal resistance to leakage while forming a tight seal on the surface. This is one option to cover and protect the structure of a home or building. One of the biggest benefits is that there is no need to rebuild areas of the roof to allow for a water runoff. The installation process may include creating a peak with the foam to allow for water to flow away away from the roof. Another advantage is that SPF roofing offers a significant insulating factor—eliminating the need for rolled or blown-in insulation.

Rolled Roofing

Flat roofing areas promote water buildup and can lead to extensive structural damage. When dealing with a roof that is uneven or flat, rolled roofing material is a flexible option. Made from recyclable materials as well as modified bitumen membranes, the roof is composed into a layer and able to be rolled and placed on a flat or uneven surface. Rolled roofing is applied with a layer of asphalt or in some cases an adhesive material. A rolled roof is designed to withstand a slight buildup of water and weather debris but it should be maintained annually to promote longevity.

Speaking with your roofing contractor, such as AccuSeal Roofing Ltd, about your roofing options is important. Together you can decide on a cost-effective and attractive solution to your roofing issues.