Learn How To Make A Set Of Outdoor Building Blocks For Your Child

Children often love to play with building blocks because they allow them to use their imagination to make fun and exciting things. The only downfall to many of the block sets that are on the market is that they are not designed for outdoor use. Fortunately, making a set of outdoor building blocks for your child is not overly difficult to do. Use the following guide to learn how to make a set of outdoor building blocks for your child.

Have Your Blocks Created

A lumber store will have a large assortment of wood available. An associate at the store will be able to cut the wood for you at the store so you do not have to worry about doing it when you get home.

  • Have one 4" x 4" beam cut into 4 inch long sections.
  • Have one 1" x 4" beam cut into 3 inch long sections.
  • Have one 2 " x 2" beam cut into 2 inch long sections.

Sand the Blocks

Use 60-grit sandpaper to sand down all of the wood. You need to be sure that the edges are not sharp or jagged. The sandpaper will allow you to smooth the corners of the blocks, as well.

Paint the Blocks

A great way to spark creative play with your child is to paint each side of the blocks different colors. Use a paintbrush and exterior paint to paint each side of the blocks. You can get sample sizes of different colors of paint so that you do not have a lot of paint left over when you are done with the job. Be sure to take the time to paint windows, doors, and even signs on some of the blocks so kids can use them to make buildings, if they want.

Protect the Blocks

The blocks will be outdoors and need to be protected from the elements. Use polyurethane gel to give them the protection they need to stay looking great for as long as possible. You brush on the gel the same way you use paint and it should dry within a few hours.

The blocks will open up a new world of creativity for your little one. The blocks will be larger than the blocks they have inside of the house, which will allow them to think on a larger scale than they usually do. The blocks are an inexpensive, fun toy that your child is sure to love.