What Cabinets Match A Black Countertop?

Black counters in the kitchen or bathroom add a bold statement while also being easier to clean than white counters. However, it can be hard to determine what cabinets will match the counters if you don't want to stick with basic white. There are a few methods you can use to determine the color of the cabinets you should use. If the hardware store doesn't have the color you decide on, visit a custom cabinet specialist.

Look at Accent Tones in Counter

Many black counters aren't solid black. The material -- often quartz or concrete -- can have small swirls or embedded glass fragments in different colors. You can try to use those colors as a guide for your cabinet color. This doesn't mean you need to match those colors exactly.

For example, a black counter with gold swirling throughout has a warmer tone. This means that a warm wood cabinet such as golden oak would compliment the counter. If the counter has large shards of clear and silver glass, stainless style or glass-front cabinets might work well in your room. Choosing a cabinet color based on the accent color can make the style of your bathroom lean heavily in one direction. The golden oak will give the room a more rustic, or homey feel while stainless steel would be more modern or industrial.

Use Your Design Scheme

If the black cabinet doesn't have prominent accent tones, you can simply match the cabinets to the overall design scheme to the rest of the room. A sauna-inspired bathroom can have bamboo counters. A French countryside style kitchen can use white cabinets with beadboard on the front of the doors.

Fitting into a design scheme is easiest if the cabinets are one somewhat neutral color. This also allows you to change the surrounding design at a later date without having to replace all the cabinetry.

Match to the Tiling

Kitchens often have tiling on the floor and/or backsplash. Bathrooms can have tile just about anywhere. If you have existing tile and love the color, use that as your cabinet color guide. Here you can get more experimental with colors, such as light blue, slate gray, or a buttery cream with yellow undertones. It's unlikely that you will remove all of the tile from the room anytime soon, so the cabinets will continue to match even if the surrounding design accents change. You can future-proof the cabinets, from places such as Ottawa Cabinet Co Ltd, further by selecting a material that can easily be painted a different color in the future, such as pretreated wood.