Windows & Doors: Making The Right Choices For An Energy Efficient Home

Not having quality windows and doors in your home can lead to the air from the outside interfering with the temperature that is set on the thermostat. It is important to invest in windows and doors that are great insulators if you are looking to save money on energy costs. In this article, you will learn what the right choices are for windows and doors that will make your home energy efficient.

What are the Best Type of Windows for an Energy Efficient Home?

Windows are energy efficient when there is no air seeping in or out of your home through the glass and around the frame. If you want to make sure your windows are of a good quality for insulating your home, you may want to consider frames and glass that include:

Frames: Vinyl or fiberglass frames are great insulators due to the air pockets they have that keeps the outside air out of your house.

Glass: Insulated or tinted glass is effective in keeping your home at a specific temperature. Insulated glass usually comes with two panes for extra air blockage, while tinted glass is constructed with metal to reflect ultraviolet rays away from the window.

Your windows must also be professionally installed, as gaps around the frame or panes of glass will allow air to seep in or out. Everything must be properly sealed with a commercial grade of silicone sealant.

How Can Doors Be More Energy Efficient for a Home?

When your exterior doors are installed, it is important for the cracks around the perimeter of them to be properly sealed. Caulk is usually used to seal the doors after they are installed. The best type of caulk is foam because it is able to expand into all of the cracks to give the doors a seal that is airtight.

You may want to leave installing the doors to a professional for the best results. He or she will be able to use a commercial grade sealant that is more effective than the products sold in stores to the general public. A weather strip must also be placed at the bottom of the doors to prevent air from seeping in or out of the bottom.

When your windows and doors are installed right and they are of a high quality, you will end up with more money in your wallet because energy costs will go down. Contact a specialist in windows and doors like Alartco Windows & Doors Manufacturing today.