Tips for Safely Decorating Windows During the Holidays

As soon as the first cool breeze of autumn drifts in you get out the pumpkins, scarecrows and other holiday decorations that kick off the holiday decorating season. And you don't stop there—next is Christmas! Your windows are often a good place to hang decorations, but you need to follow a few tips to prevent damage from your decorating frenzy. 

1: The Old Standbys—Say Goodbye

Sometimes this rule is ignored, but nails and screws and other traditional hanging devices  can do a lot of damage to your windows. This is especially true if you have vinyl windows. They are more fragile than traditional wooden windows, so never use these pointy object to hang wreaths or lights around windows.  

Other no-nos are glue, tape and staples. You have so many other choices in products you can buy that are specially made to hang decorations and not leave behind holes or marks. Choose suction cups or peel-and-stick hooks instead. 

2: Fake Snow is a No-No

Fake snow is easy to apply. You buy a can and spray it where you want it,  and it does give your windows that frosty look of the holiday season. However, it is not always easy to remove afterward.  

It's best not to use it. The fake snow can get into your window hardware and sashes, making it difficult to open and close the windows long after the holidays have ended.  

There are fun alternatives. You and your kids can create paper snow flakes to hang on the windows, or you can buy snowflakes use static cling to hang on.  

3: Real Pine Leaves Stains Behind

Pine branches and cones are beautiful as part of a holiday arrangement, but they are not good for your windows. Real pine branches or cones can leak sticky pine sap, which leave behind icky stains on your window sills and frames. 

Artificial pine branches and cones look just as beautiful as the real thing, won't ever leak, and you can find them at most craft stores during the holiday season.  

4: Too Much Is Dangerous

It is tempting to go overboard when putting up holiday decorations, but more is not always better and can be dangerous. You want to make sure that any decoration you use do not affect the window operation, especially if that particular window is your way out in case of an emergency.  

It's fun to decorate for the holidays from October through January, but follow these tips to keep your windows looking and working great after the holidays have ended.