What To Ask When Choosing A Boiler Rental For Your Location

A rented boiler can help your company in unexpected situations, such as when your own boiler or furnace breaks or you're working on a job site that does not have a boiler. A temporary boiler can also be used during peak demand seasons, and this may be more cost-effective than upgrading to a larger boiler just to answer these temporary demands.

Choosing the right rented boiler can be a challenge, so consider a few questions you need to ask any potential supplier. This ensures you understand what is involved in its rental.

1. What kind of feed water treatment is required?

Boilers may not always work well with simple feed water from a tap because this water may need to be treated for chemicals and sediment. Hard water that contains chlorine and other additives may be very corrosive to a boiler, so you may need to treat the feed water before hooking it to the boiler. Be sure you ask if the water requires treatment and understand who will supply that treatment.

2. Who provides the interconnecting piping?

If you already have a boiler onsite you may have a rental boiler that doesn't have the interconnecting piping as it should hook up to the piping you already have. However, if you're making repairs to your boiler or need a rental for an offsite job, you will need to determine who is supplying the piping and ensure that your own piping is compatible with the boiler they provide.

3. Does the boiler need to be offloaded?

A temporary boiler on a skid can be more convenient for you than one that needs to be offloaded, as typically drivers only deliver the boiler to your shipping area. If the boiler needs to be offloaded then you need to have personnel on hand to manage this and ensure you have the heavy duty equipment required.

4. Will the boiler be maintained while in use at your facility?

If you're opting for a long-term rental, it's good to know who will maintain the boiler and how often. You may have maintenance personnel who can fix your own boiler but it's typically best that you don't try to repair a rental boiler if something malfunctions. The rental company should be liable for their own maintenance and repair, in case more damage is done during repair work.

Remember these questions when you're ready to find a boiler rental for your location. You can also talk with a company, like Hurst Anchors & Rentals Ltd, about any questions you have before your rental. This will ensure you understand the process and won't overlook any details.