Protecting Oilfield Workers From Mother Nature

While most oilfield supervisors and contractors are aware of dangers like chemical exposure, explosions and fires, many of them may not take a closer look at the real dangers of some storms. Oilfields are generally in wide open spaces, and lots of them are located in regions well known for severe thunderstorms and tornadoes. Learning how you can take steps to provide the protection your workers need to stay safe during tornadoes and lightning storms starts with you learning more about the safety shelters and weather warning equipment.

Shelters Able To Withstand An F-5 Tornado

Through special design and intense research, shelters have been made that can withstand the high winds produced by F-5 tornadoes. Some shelters are designed to turn the wind on itself for providing structural stability. Two tubes are built into the interior structure of the shelter, allowing high winds to flow through them, thus also producing pressure to hold down the structure. In the event a severe storm approaches your oilfield, knowing you and your workers have a safe place to go is a good feeling.

Some Storms Do Not Give Warning Visible To The Naked Eye

If you have ever been caught in a thunderstorm without it giving warning, you might think about the consequences of a tornado quickly developing near your oilfield and the workers on it. Because Mother Nature can be tricky, choosing a warning system for your rigs and field that sounds alerts in the event of imminent severe weather is best. Many storm alert systems connect to weather bureau officials for getting current, trustworthy weather alerts that could save the lives of your workers.

Lightning Can Pose As Much Deadly Force As A Tornado

Oil rigs are metal, and you may wonder about the safety of your workers when lightning is striking. Many oil rig designs have them reaching into sky as well, acting as a huge lightning rod. Choosing to include a safe area on a rig may not be an option, but if it is, doing so is extremely important. Learning more about how to provide greater safety for your oilfield workers when lightning storms are in full swing is smart. Indeed, many fires are caused by lightning strikes, so including training about it in traditional safety courses is a good idea.

Nothing is more important than the safety and well-being of your workers. The business of drilling oil is one that poses many dangers while also being a business that should never cease operation as well. By taking measures ahead of time to implement safety measures, you can experience less down time in the future due to untimely injuries caused when Mother Nature is up to her tricks.

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