Sewage Coming Out Of Fixtures: How Plumbers Can Stop It & Why You Shouldn't Clean It Up

Cleaning up sewage from plumbing fixtures is not only a frustrating task to deal with, but it is harmful to your health. If the sewage is coming out of the cracks of the plumbing fixtures and out of the drains, you may have a problem with the main sewer line. Below, you will learn how a plumber can stop the sewage from coming out and why you should avoid cleaning it up on your own.

How Can a Plumber Stop Sewage from Coming Out of Fixtures?

Fixing the main sewer line will be the first priority of the plumber, as it is likely the reason behind the problem in the first place. The sewer line will be thoroughly inspected with a camera that can take pictures of the inside of it. The plumber can view the images as they are transmitted to a monitor, and it will give them an idea of if the sewer line should be replaced or repaired.

You may have cracks in the main sewer line, which is often caused from large tree roots. If the camera reveals any cracks, the plumber will have to seal them up. However, the pipe can only be accessed and sealed up by the landscape being dug up.

Don't try to prevent the plumber from digging up the landscape because it is a vital part of fixing the problem. After he or she accesses the sewer line, any dirt or trash that has fallen into the pipe will be removed before it is sealed up. The next repair will be dealing with the plumbing fixtures and cleaning up the sewage in your home.

Why Should Someone Avoid Cleaning Up Sewage on Their Own?

Sewage contains bacteria that can make you sick if you make contact with it. No matter how careful you are, it can cause harm if you accidentally touch or consume it. It is most ideal for you to wait for a plumber to clean the sewage up, even if it is making your home smell bad.

The plumber can also seal your plumbing fixtures with putty to make sure sewage will not seep out of the cracks in the future. Take good care of the plumbing system to your home because it is one of the most important aspects of it. Keep the contact information of a professional plumber likePhil Ballam Plumbing & Heating Ltd. handy because you never know when you may need help again, and timely repairs are the best way to prevent a sewage disaster