Create A Decorative Concrete Surface

When you think of a concrete surface, you may think of a plain gray floor or patio. But in fact, concrete can be beautified by a variety of methods. Some of these can be applied after the fact, whereas others are part of the design process. So when you're planning a residential concrete project, make sure to consider whether you want your concrete to have a decorative aspect before you get the project started.

Here are some of the ways you can create a decorative concrete surface.


Stamping is a decorative element that's added after the concrete is poured, but before it's done curing. Stamped concrete can offer designs such as floral motifs, or can simply add a texture to make your concrete look like something else. For example, a stamped concrete surface can have the appearance of natural stone or brick, or in some cases even a wood-like texture. Coloring agents can also be added during the process to allow your stamped concrete to give the multicolored appearance of the stone.


Concrete pavers can also be a decorative way to create a concrete surface. You can install pavers over an existing surface, or create a new concrete patio or driveway with concrete pavers. Many pavers have decorative shapes, textures, or designs to provide aesthetic appeal. You can even find ones that are pre-stamped with textures and colors to make them look like real stones.


If you have an existing concrete surface, you can simply paint it. You'll want to choose a paint designed for these types of surfaces, such as masonry paints. You can paint the surface all one color, or use multiple colors to create a custom design or even a floor mural. An added benefit is that a fresh layer of paint can help conceal imperfections in the concrete such as small filled cracks.

Epoxy coating

Instead of using paint, you can use epoxy material to seal your concrete surface. Not only does epoxy help protect against moisture intrusion, but it can provide a shiny surface and can be highly decorative in some cases.

For example, you can choose a brightly colored epoxy with sparkles embedded in it. Or you can look for some other effect like a metallic epoxy or one that provides a granite-like appearance.

These are some of the ways you can create a decorative surface for an existing or future concrete surface. Get in touch with a residential concrete contractor today to learn more.