Getting A Hot Tub? Decide On A Cover

Are you planning to have a hot tub installed at your home but are wondering what kind of cover you should get? If so, it will help to know the different options available to you: 

Stretch Cover

The most basic and affordable cover that you can get for a hot tub is a stretch cover. As the name implies, these are made with a fabric that is stretchable, much like a fitted sheet for your mattress, but a lot stronger. They are easy to take on and off of a hot tub, are easy to handle on your own, and when not in use, do not take up that much room. 

One thing to be aware of with a stretch cover is that they are not going to do a good job of keeping the heat trapped in the hot tub. They mainly prevent debris from getting into the hot tub and keep the water clean, but that is about it. The vinyl material will prevent water from getting into the hot tub though, even if the water pools on top of the cover at times.

Roll-Up Cover

What makes a roll-up cover unique is that it is designed to simply roll up when you don't want to use it. The base is made out of a waterproof vinyl material, with a heavier wood material on top of it to give it some weight. The wood is cut into long triangle-shaped strips that allow you to roll the cover up tight into a big roll. You can also unroll as much of the cover as you want to hop in your hot tub, which limits how much heat escapes. 


A common type of cover that you'll see for a hot tub is a hardcover. These types of covers are typically made of a thick foam that is wrapped in vinyl, with the ability to fold the cover back to open up half of the hot tub. Many people used these types of covers for hot tubs that are installed in a deck where the hot tub is at deck level. While you shouldn't walk directly onto a hot tub hardcover, it does offer protection from small pets and little children if they were to accidentally walk onto the cover where the hot tub is located. These covers do a great job at insulating the hot tub and trapping in the heat. 

Keep these tips in mind when looking for hot tub covers.