Choosing A New Surface For Your Commercial Pool Deck

Having a commercial pool deck resurfaced will involve some important decisions on the part of the owner and management. In particular, it can be useful to evaluate the benefits of opting for rubber style finishes for these surfaces.

Resistant To Weather Damage

Weather damage is a major threat to any deck surface. In addition to withstanding the water and chemicals from the pool, the deck will also experience significant exposure to ultraviolet light from the sun as well as intense temperature changes. Rubber safety surfaces can be able to withstand exposure to these conditions without suffering from significant wear and tear. This can be important for business operated pools as it will be a priority to minimize the amount of downtime that the pool experiences as well as the costs involved with keeping its surface in good condition.

Improved Traction

The area around a pool can be extremely hazardous due to the risk of slipping and falling. While this can lead to significant injuries, you will be able to greatly improve the amount of traction that individuals get when they are walking near the pool. Rubber safety coatings will typically be textured so that individuals will be able to easily maintain good traction despite the surface being wet. This is often in contrast to individuals' expectations of rubber surfaces to always be extremely slick when wet. However, rubber safety surfaces can provide superior traction to what most other surfaces will be able to offer. In addition to providing s superior traction, the rubber can also provide some cushioning when individuals do happen to fall, which can help to reduce the threat of severe injuries.

Easy To Maintain

Keeping the deck around the pool clean will be a major task for any business that provides a swimming area for its customers. Without frequent cleanings, this area could quickly become extremely messy, unsanitary, and slippery. Rubber surfaces can be extremely easy to clean, which can make this part of managing the pool relatively simple. In order to clean this surface as quickly and thoroughly as possible, you may want to invest in a small pressure washer as this will be able to dislodge any materials that may be stuck to the surface of the rubber. Additionally, this jet of water will be strong enough to clean the small grooves or other texturing that is present. Rubber surfaces will not be a porous option, which can greatly reduce the risk of stains developing on these surfaces, which can reduce the need for deep cleanings.

If you're needing ideas for your commercial pool deck resurfacing, talk to a professional today!