Is Your Tree Dead? 3 Signs You Need To Completely Remove It

Getting rid of a tree is never an easy decision because of how long they take to grow so tall, but there may come a time that your tree needs to be removed because it has died. Not only will the tree be an eye sore without any leaves, but it runs the risk of falling down as well. Look for these 3 signs that your tree has seen better days and needs to be removed.


If you notice fungus growing around a tree, it is a sign that your tree may be dead. A professional will be able to come out to your home and identify the fungus and see if it has caused the tree's demise.

Saprophytic fungus feeds off of organic matter that is dead. While it is not a direct cause of a tree's death, it can take advantage of a drought that affected a tree. This type of fungus can eventually cause a tree to fall down depending on where the fungus is located on the tree. Parasitic fungus can actually cause a tree to die. This type of fungus will target trees that are already showing signs of being unhealthy.

Leaning Tree

It is possible for a tree to grow at an angle throughout its life, which is completely normal. What you need to watch out for are trees that have grown straight up their entire lives, and then suddenly start leaning. You definitely do not want to wait for the tree to fall naturally. Even if the tree is not tall enough to reach surrounding property, it runs the risk of falling on somebody that is around it at the time.

You should also look for cracks around the tree's base. Deep cracks are a sign that your tree has a weak base and could cause it to split due to something as simple as high winds.


Finding sawdust around a tree is never a good sign. It means that the tree has some sort of infestation and that the tree is nearing the end of its life. For example, bark beetles could be infesting the tree, and they very rarely infest a healthy tree. Check for holes along the bark to confirm any suspicions you have, because that is how bark beetles are getting into the tree.

Now that you're aware of some signs of a dead tree, contact a tree removal company if you need to have your tree removed