Four Options To Make Your New Deck Completely Maintenance Free

If you want to have a deck made that you do not have to stain every year, do repairs to and other maintenance, you may want to consider some options that are available to make your deck completely maintenance free. This can be things like vinyl decking, lightweight concrete or even aluminum rails. You have many options to make the deck on your home durable and last for many years with very little maintenance or repairs. Here are four options that you have for a maintenance free deck:

1. Light Weight Concrete And Synthetic Stone

When you think of the deck on your home, you may not consider using concrete because of cost or limitations. It can actually be a great material for a durable deck, which newer lightweight concrete materials can be installed with stamped pattern, which can look like brick or stone work. It will last for many years and will not require any more maintenance than periodic cleaning.

2. Aluminum Dry Decking Systems For Your Deck

You may have a space under your deck that you want to be able to use in all weather, or even install electrical outlets or a fan. With an aluminum dry deck system, you will be able to keep the space under a deck dry to use it for other things. It has other benefits as well, such as protecting your foundation, or giving you space to store tools if the deck is lower. Most of all, the aluminum decking system will not need to be stained or have other maintenance done to it.

3. Composite And Vinyl Decking Materials

If you want to have a more conventional looking deck and do not want to spend the money on some of the other alternatives, you can also use vinyl or composite decking. These materials can look just like conventional decking, but they have the benefit of being more durable and will not need to have regular maintenance. You can even get a vinyl decking system that keeps the underneath of your deck dry. These work just like the aluminum systems.

4. Aluminum Railing That Lasts For Decades

When you invest in a deck that is meant to not need maintenance, you will also want to have railings that are maintenance free. You have a few options, which can be composite materials, iron or even aluminum railings. Some of the other materials can be costly, but aluminum rails are a great option because they are affordable and can look like things such as iron railing. You can also have them custom made to match the design of your deck.

If you want to deck that is maintenance free, these are some of the options you have. You can contact a dealer such as Alberta Vinyl Decking & Railings Ltd to get the materials you need to get started on your deck project.